5 Tips for Cleaning & Organizing Your Garage

5 Tips for Cleaning & Organizing Your Garage

While spring cleaning can seem like a daunting task, nothing comes anywhere close to the challenge of cleaning out a dirty and unorganized garage. One statistic estimates that only thirty percent of us actually park our cars in our garages. For most, the garage goes from a place to park your car to pretty much only being your family’s storage unit.

1. Take everything out.

Yes, everything. This is going to be the worst part, especially because it is the first step you have to take to start. However, taking every last item out of the garage is going to be the best way to clean it efficiently.

2. Sort everything.

This one is a bit easier because you can do it while you are taking everything out of the garage. A good system for any type of major cleaning and reorganizing is the “keep, donate, sell, trash” strategy. On top of that, you can split your “keep” pile into two, one for things that will stay out in the open in the garage, and one that will get stored away in boxes or cupboards. Considering donating anything you will not use to thrift shops or other places that will take your donations. If you decide to make a “sell” pile, schedule a garage sale for the next weekend or as soon as possible so you don’t forget it. Be sure to dispose of any chemicals, batteries, etc. correctly.

3. Clean the garage.

It does not even have to be a full cleaning of the garage, simply sweep out any dirt or dust that has accumulated in your garage before you start putting stuff back. It may seem like a small thing, but it will make the entire garage feel a lot cleaner if there isn’t dirt and cobwebs everywhere.

4. Consider storage options.

These are great for organizing your stuff, which will in turn make it a lot cleaner in your garage. Shelves, storage bins, bike racks, drawers, tool boxes, etc. can all be amazing things to add to your garage in order to save space. Think about it: The garage is pretty much the only place in the house that we simply leave everything out. Fill bins with items that are similar to one another so that the organization makes sense. For example, all holiday decorations should go together, tools in a separate place, etc.

5. Consider hiring a junk removal company.

This is what junk removal companies are made to do, and it makes cleaning and organizing so simple. All you have to do is point to what you want thrown away and everything else will be handled for you by them. When professionals are cleaning, you do not have to worry about items being too heavy to lift, dangerous, etc. The workers are trained to remove items without damaging them or your home. They will also dispose of chemicals, batteries, etc. safely and legally.

Garage cleaning can be a very daunting task, but if you tackle it with a bit of strategy, it can make things a lot more manageable.

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