5 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Move

5 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Move

Moving can be both extremely exciting and very stressful at the same time. While on one hand, you get to move to a new place, you also have to worry about packing, sorting, and moving all of your stuff. While there is no simple way to get rid of the stress of moving, you can lessen it by following these tips.

1. If you are going to ask friends or family to help you move, make sure you give them a few weeks notice.

Moving isn’t a lot of fun, and you don’t want to add to the chore by springing it on your friends or family last minute. It’s also probably a good idea to throw in the incentive of free pizza to get them to come and help.

2. Get plenty of moving boxes.

While this may seem obvious, you don’t want your moving process to be slowed down by an extra box run. Even if you don’t use all of the boxes you get, they are always useful and it never hurts to have a few in your new house to help organize anyways.

3. Pack boxes until they are completely full.

Even when you think a box is full, you can always fit a few more things in with a little bit of effort. Not only does this help you save boxes, but it helps you save time and effort by minimizing the amount of boxes you have to load into your moving vehicle, therefore minimizing the amount of trips you need to take back and forth. Dish towels can be packed in between wine glasses or other cups for example to save space. This type of packing also makes sure that you have lower chances of breaking items because there will be no room for things to move around and break.

4. Get all of your mail, addresses, and services changed to your new home address.

Magazine subscriptions, your bank, the DMV, your cable, internet, etc. all need to be moved to your new address, and it makes sense to start doing this before you even move, that way you don’t have to be stuck without television or internet at the new house, and none of your mail or bills will get lost in the mail.

5. Get rid of excess junk.

Moving is the perfect opportunity to call a professional junk removal company because you can sort out your junk while you pack, making easy work for the junk removers. In most cases, all you need to do is make piles of stuff, and point at the stuff you want gone for the junk removers to get rid of it.

Professional junk removal companies can be extremely useful for moving. While it can be hard to throw away our possessions, often times we cling onto things that we really have no use for. Not only will getting rid of these items make it easier to move because you have less stuff, it will also mean you have more room at your new house when you move in.

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